What We Do

Dreams Impact

Dreams Disney Trips Family Support A dream for a child can be anything from becoming a firefighter, a princess, a cowboy, or even getting to see a beloved cartoon character come to life. Children have wonderful imaginations and we, as adults, usually go to great lengths to help our children to realize their dreams. The […]

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Medical, Food, and Housing

In addition to the Dreams provided to the children, ANACA and Chinos Cause for Cancer supports the Aitana House in Cancun and local medical facilities to ensure that children have access to quality cancer treatments without having to travel. The Aitana House provides meals and a place to stay where parents of children can stay […]

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2018 Dreams

2018 was an exciting year for ANACA! Through the fundraising performed by this group and through the Chinos Cause for Cancer, the following projects have been completed: The Dream Room – A special room at the Aitana House where kids can study, play games, read, and just be kids. Disney Dreams trip #4 with 7 […]

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